DMPQ-Discuss the factors contributed to the decline of ‘Total Fertility rate’ (TFR) in India According to recent National Family health survey.

. Total Fertility rate (TFR) is an important factor in population growth. Read here to know about the declining fertility rate in India.

The Total fertility rate (TFR) has declined from 2.2 (reported in 2015-16) to 2.0 at the all- India level, according to the latest NFHS- 5 (phase 2) released by Union Health Ministry.

  • 6 in urban areas
  • 1 in Rural area
  • 0 all India

Many factors like education (mean school years for females), economy (Gross Domestic Product), religious beliefs, contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR), the strength of family planning programs, etc influence the fertility rates of a country. These factors play an important role in the current decline in the fertility rate in India also, as listed below:

  • Higher level of education among females
  • Increased mobility
  • Late marriages
  • Financial independence
  • Better access to family planning methods/ high contraceptive prevalence rate
  • The declining infant mortality rate
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