Give an account of the following a) Simon commission b) Meerut conspiracy c) Hindustan republic association d) Radcliff line

(a)Simon commission:

The commission was torecommend to the Government whether India was ready for further constitutional reforms. It is also known as Indian statutory commission.  It was set up by lord Birkenhead.

(b)Meerut Conspiracy:

Meerut Conspiracy was a controversial court case initiated in British India in March1929 and decided in 1933. Several trade unionists, including three Englishmen were arrested for organizing an Indian railway strike. The British Government convicted 33 leftist trade unionleaders under a false law suit.The Meerut Conspiracy case trial helped the Communist  Party of India to consolidate itsposition among workers.

(c)Hindustan republic association(HRA):

Hindustan Republican Association (HRA) was a revolutionary organization of India established in 1924 at village Bholachang in East Bengal by Sachindra Nath Sanyal, Narendra Mohan Sen and PratulGanguly as an offshoot of Anushilan Samiti. Its objective was to establish a “Federated Republic of the United States of India” through an organized and armed revolution.

(d)Radcliff line:

To fix the international boundaries between the two countries, the Boundary Commission wasestablished chaired by Sir Cyril Radcliffe. The commission was to demarcate Bengal and Punjabinto the two new countries. The boundary demarcation line is called Radcliffe line. Its westernside serves as India-Pakistan border and eastern side serves as India- Bangladesh border.

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