DMPQ: What were the effect of Reformation and Counter Reformation?

Reformation and counter reformation had long lasting impact on the socio-political- economic mileu. It also is a start of the beginning of modern age. The major effects of reformation and Counter reformation are as follows:

  • The religious division of Europe into a number of hostile camps was one of the effect of reformation. This resulted in religious conflicts and wars in Europe in the name of religious ideology.
  • The rise of the Protestant ethic and ideology led to entreprenurship, which naturally resulted in the growth of capitalism.
  • Reformation had played vital role in the rise of nationalism in Europe. The rise of absolute monarchy in Europe had its foundation in the Reformation.
  • The establishment of schools and seminaries and the spread of education were the lasting impact of Reformation. This stimulated people to re-examine and question age old ideas , beliefs and institutions.
  • But, like all religions, Reformation made hurdles in the growth of science and art. More than emphasising the spirit of reason and rationality, they still insisted on faith, which became a hurdle to science.


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