DMPQ: What was the August offer and its significance? (history)

August offer was the proposal from Viceroy Lord Linlithgow to seek the cooperation from the INC during the second world war. It was announced in August 1940. Major proposals of August offer were:

1)     Dominion status as the objective for India.

2)     Expansion of viceroy executive council

3)     No future constitution to be adopted without the consent of the minorities.

4)     Setting up of a constituent assembly after the war where mainly Indians would decide the constitution according to their social, economic and political conceptions


Although august offer was rejected by INC. JLN termed that “ Dominion status concept is dead as a door nail”. Muslim league welcomed it and was keen on partition. The major significance of August offer was recognition of inherent right of the people of the country to determine the form of their future constitution. The demand of dominion status was explicitly offered. Viceroy executive council was enlarged and Indians were given majority by giving them 8 seats out of 12.


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