DMPQ: The response of big Industrialist was quite positive towards the launch of civil disobedience movement. Discuss ( History)

The CDM witnessed varying role of different social group and classes . The first stage was high point of bourgeois participation in towns and controlled peasants mobilisation. Industrialist also played a great role in the freedom movement.

GD birla donated approximately 5 lakhs rupees to the movement according to British Intelligence estimates. He also persuaded his Calcutta Marwari foreign good importers to make a pact with Ahemdabad and Bombay cotton mills.

Jamnalalbajaj was active congress member. He served as AICC treasurer for many years and went to jail in 1930. WalchandHIrachand urged his fellow businessman in a letter to the FICCI in April 1930 to give up the policy of sitting on the fence and throw in their lot with those who were fighting for sawaraj. FICCI also decided to boycott the round table conference.

Hence Industrialist played a substantial role. They provided fund to the congress. Even though they had their own interest in supporting congress as government policies were not in favour of native industrialist, their role in CDM cannot be overlooked.



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