DMPQ: The peasantry of his dominions are protected, and their labor encouraged and rewarded” John shore stated about the Mysore kingdom. In this context discuss the reforms initiated by Tipu sultan which were way ahead of the time. ( Modern history)

Tipu Sultan’s desire to change with the times was symbolized in the Introduction of a new calendar, a new system of coinage, and new scales of weights and measures. Tipu Sultan planted a ‘Tree of Liberty’ at Seringapatam and he became a member of a Jacobin club. His organizational capacity is borne out by the fact that in those days of general indiscipline among Indian armies his troops remained disciplined and loyal to him to the last. His reforms were way ahead of his times.

  • He checked the collection of illegal ceases, and he was liberal in granting remissions.
  • He tried to do away with the system of jagirs.
  • He tried to build modern navy
  • His army was equipped with modern weaponry.
  • Mysore flourished under the reign of Tipu sultan. Britishers observed that peasants condition was much better as compared to peasants of British occupied territory.
  • He tried to introduce modern industries in India by importing foreign workmen as experts and by extending state support to many industries.
  • He sent embassies to France, Turkey, Iran,Myanmar to develop foreign trade. He also traded with china. He even tried to set up trading company on the pattern of European companies. He tried to promote trade with Russia and Arabia by setting up state trading institutions in the port towns.


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