DMPQ: What is urban flood? List down the reason for urban floods and map out the solution. 

urban flood is a common phenomenon. These flood occur in a very short span of time and drench city with several feet’s of water. The example of urban floods can be seen in Gurugram, Mumbai etc.

Reasons for urban floods:

  • Destruction of wetland- wetland act as natural aquifers. Their destruction led to reduction in moisture absorption capacity. Wetlands help in recharging the ground water.
  • Concretisation – unplanned urbanisation lead to encroachment of natural flow of water bodies and creates pocket that trap water which increases the flood intensity.
  • Destruction of river basin area in the city. Natural flow affected due to the forces of flowing water in the respective water sheds.
  • Migration rate to urban pockets is not in proportion to carrying capacity of the urban area. This lead to creation of unplanned structures. Infrastructure for disposal of solid waste generated is not sufficient. Other causes are unmindful sand mining and construction of dams on the river beds.


  • Different approach as compared to riverine floods.
  • Proper mapping of urban water bodies, flod prone areas , dying river and river basin, Integration of drainage system – river, rivulate, ponds and lakes.
  • Stonger laws to protect urban lakes and the setting up of single authority for the management and restoration of water bodies.
  • The plan of the city shall not violate the hydrological cycle of the city.


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