DMPQ: Effect of climate change on Himalayan Glaciers and effect on human settlement.

According to the IPCC report by 2010 45% of Himalaya  will be shrinked. The rate of shrinkage is 0.5% annually. There are various reason for Himalayan shrinkage which are discussed below:

  • Weak monsoon affecting snow accumulation
  • Because of global warming, rise in temperature
  • In the eastern and central Himalayan, it shows mainly during monsoon season and a slight increase in summer temperature can affect glacier drastically.

Effect on human settlement:

  • Glacier supply 5% and 30% of the water in the Ganges and Indus respectively
  • Affect the livelihood of the people residing in gangetic plain. Food security concerns are major concern. This problem get accentuated due to farmers residing in this area are marginal and small farmers. Hence their ability to deal with climate change is very low.
  • It affects the tourism industry. Like uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh and west Bengal
  • It will affect the drinking water supply in mountainous region. It will also affect the late summer stream flow. Lower flow will also affect the Hydro electric potential.


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