DMPQ: Distribution of volcanoes around the world.

Most known volcanic activity and the earthquakes occur along converging plate margins and mid-oceanic ridges. There is a strikingly close agreement between volcanic and earthquake zones of the earth. The major regions of volcanoes around the world are:

Pacific ring of fire:  Pacific Ring of Fire’ is estimated to include two-thirds of the world’s volcanoes.  The major regions of volcanoes with active volcanism are Aleutian islands into kamchatak, Japan, The phillipines and Indonesia. Andes to Central America (particularly Guatemala, Costa Rica and Nicaragua), Mexico and right up to Alaska. It is said that there are almost 100 active volcanoes in the Philippines, 40 in the Andes, 35 in Japan, and more than 70 in Indonesia.

Atlantic coast:    St. Helena, Cape Verde Islands and Canary Islands etc. not so active.

Great rift region:          Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya, both probably extinct . The only active volcano of West Africa is Mt. Camerron

Mediterranean region: volcanoes are mainly associated with the               Alpine folds and those of the Aegean islands eg. Vesuvius, Strombli


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