DMPQ- Unemployment rate is highest in last 45 years. What are the reasons for higher rate of unemployment in India? Give solutions to this problem.

Unemployment rate is very high. The problem is structural and there are both long term and short term causes of the problem. The major reasons are:

  1. Weak aggregate demand of the country.
  2. Global economic is passing through rough patch.
  3. Low emphasis of our curriculum on skill development and training.
  4. Age old educational programme and curriculum.
  5. There is a mismatch between the quality of demand by employers and the skilled workforce present. NSSO 68th survey only 4.69% of the workforce is skilled.
  6. Poor regulation of ITI, Skilled training institutes etc.
  7. Most of the training institutes are pocketed in urban areas and this facility is unavailable in rural areas.
  8. Our Industrial sector is also weak where employability rate is higher as compared to agriculture and service sector.


  1. Organising Job fairs at regular intervals in rural and urban areas.
  2. Preparation of data base with block level mapping.
  3. Proper emphasis on Make in India.
  4. More expenditure on skill development, training, research etc.
  5. Look out for global employment and provide training to youth here in India. This mapping will help immensely.


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