DMPQ: Industrial efficiency is a key to sound economy. In this contest discuss the key initiative taken by India to boost industrial performance. ( economoy)


  1. Make in India : This programme was launched on 25th September which aims at making India a global hub for manufacturing, research and innovation and integral part of the global chain. The GoI has identified 10 ‘Champion sectors’ that have potential to become global champion, drive double digit growth in manufacturing and generate significant employment opportunities.


  1. Intellectual Property rights policy: In May 2016, Government for the first time adopted a comprehensive National Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) policy to lay future roadmap for intellectual property. This aims to improve Indian intellectual property ecosystem, hopes to create an innovation movement in the country and aspire towards “ Creative India; Innovative India”


  1. Startup India: In order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among enterprising youth of our country. Start up India and Stand Up India initiative were launched in 2015. This initiative aims to create an ecosystem that is conducive to growth of startups. Self certify compliance is allowed for start ups. Fund of Funds of startups with a corpus of 10,000 crores has been created and is being managed by SIDBI.


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