DMPQ- Farm Reform Laws will substantially improve the socio-economic conditions of farmers in India. Justify.

the farmer who has been deprived for so many years, will now be empowered to determine the price of his agricultural produce. He will also have the choice whether to sell in the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) or in a free market. He is now empowered with the right to determine to sell at the price he chooses
Through the new reforms, under contract farming, it will be ensured that the ownership will remain with the farmer, the contract will only be regarding the crops. Contract farming will bring in new technology, new seeds and investment. Through the years low productivity is the biggest problem faced by our farmers. As investment will grow, the use of technology and new seeds will enhance the productivity.
The objective of agricultural reforms is to empower our farmers and increase agricultural productivity by bringing in new techniques, new seeds and new investment; and thus, to increase the contribution of agriculture to our national GDP.
amendments to the Essential Commodities Act will protect farmers from adverse market fluctuations, restrictions will be imposed only during extraordinary situations, this will enable farmers to get better worth for their produce.

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