dmpq-Discuss how Artificial Intelligence can play significant role In dealing with the challenge of Climate crisis.

. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have been often thought as a gateway to a future written in chrome, operating on a virtual cloud.  Even in the Budget 2022-23, AI was described as a sunrise technology that would “assist sustainable development at scale and modernise the country.”

In terms of climate change, AI can prove to be immensely helpful in developing environment friendly infrastructure, making climate predictions and decarbonising industries. However, ironically, the AI with itself brings an environmental cost to the development of the technology.

Significance of AI in Tackling Climate Change

  • AI could be most valuable in helping humankind fight its biggest threat – climate change.
  • AI can Strengthen climate predictions Enable smarter decision-making for decarbonising industries from building to transport Work out how to allocate renewable energy.
  • Greening cities or using wind channel architecture to create ventilation are ways to help cities deal with extreme heat that can be guided by AI.
  • AI can also help reduce the effects of the climate crisis, such as by making smart grid designs and developing low-emission infrastructure.

The relationship between climate change and AI is understudied, not least because the largest companies working in this space are neither transparent nor meaningfully committed to studying, let alone acting, to substantively limit the climate impact of their operations. Dedicated studies, more investments in R&D and better policy interventions are required in this field. AI needs to be developed and deployed so it can meet society’s needs and protect the environment by saving more energy than it expends.


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