DMPQ- Throw lights on the benefits of strong GI (Geographical indicators) Ecosystem.

India’s global brand recall and attributes of multicultural ethos, authenticity, and ethnic diversity are potential turbochargers for the country’s economy. One channel through which these attributes can be brought out are Geographical Indications or GI tags. Today, with the emphasis on climate change and sustainability, these products can be ready revenue generators. A modern distribution system exists in India’s robust global e-commerce backbone which can propel the nascent GI industry onto the national and world stage.

Potential benefits of GI Tags

  • Benefits to Local Community: GI protection has wider positive benefits, especially for local communities. In particular, it encourages the preservation of biodiversity, local know-how and natural resources and this is where India can do well.
  • Economic and Soft Power: Multiple benefits flow from a strong GI ecosystem, which can be a wellspring of economic and soft power.
  • It will convert talent into entrepreneurship with gig workers, and create a “passion” economy, that is, a new way for individuals to monetise their skills and scale their businesses exponentially.
  • Reverse Urban Migration: The hyper-localised nature of GI offers solutions to reverse urban migration and conserve India’s ancient crafts, culture and food.


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