Basics of cyber security

Cyber security is a process, technique or procedure to ensure information security goals. Aim of Information Security is to provide CIA i.e. Confidentiality of information Integrity of information Availability of information   These 3 parameters (CIA) are called security goals/security services. The other security objectives also include such other parameters as authenticity, authorisation, accounting and … Read more

Challenges to Internal security through communication networks

  Communication networks are a part of our critical information infrastructure. Communication networks refer to an interconnection of communicating entitiessuch as computers, laptops, mobiles, telephones etc. via which provides the basis for information exchange for all other sectors including voice, data, video, and Internet connectivity. Communication network should not be confused with the computer networkssuch as LAN, WAN etc. because … Read more

Role of external state and Non-state actor’s in creating challenges to internal security

  State actors are nations/countries which are also known as “states”. They have sovereignty over their own territory and that sovereignty is recognized on the international stage by international organizations such as the United Nations. Non-state actors are organized groups that do not hold any officially recognized territory, though they may control some territory through … Read more

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