Important Ancient Terms

Lohit AyasCopper
Syam AyasIron
GraminiVillage Head
BhagadughaTax collector
SthapatiChief Judge
NiskaUnit of currency
SatamanaUnit of currency
PanaTerm used for coin
ViharaBuddhist Monastery
ChaityaSacred Enclosure
PradeshikaHead of district Administration
NagarkaCity administration
JesthakaChief of a Guild
PrathamakulikaChief of artisans
UparikaGovernor of Bhukti
DidishuRemarried woman
AmatyaHigh official
DvijaInitiation into education
YuktaRevenue officer in the Mauryan period.
RajjukasLand measurement & fixing land revenue
SabhaAssembly of few select ones
SamitiLarger Assembly
DharamamahamatyaMost important post created by Asoka.
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