DMPQ- What is mob lynching and discuss the causes of Mob lynching.

Mob lynching is attacking some one, physically assaulting a person leading to death, by a group of people loosely connected to each other, on the basis of some false information, mostly on the basis of unconfirmed rumours like cow slaughter, beef eating, child lifting, theft, enticing women, etc. 

Reasons for higher incidence of mob lynching are:

  1. Ineffective implementation of law and order.
  2. Promotion of communalism and regionalism.
  3. Rise in the propagation of fake news due to rise of social media.
  4. Backing of political class providing solidarity to masses engaged in mob lynching.
  5. Lack of effective law to deal with mob lynching.
  6. Lack of public reaction.
  7. Lowering down of values of fraternity, tolerance in society.


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