Modern Period – Later Mughals

1707-12 Bahadur Shah I
1712-13 Jahandar Shah
1713-19 Farukk Siyar
1719-48 Muhammad Shah Rangila
1748-54 Ahmad Shah
1754-59 Alamgir II
1759-1806 Shah Alam II
1806-1837 Akbar Shah II
1837-57 Bahadur Shah II


  Later Mughal Rulers
Bahadur Shah I After the death of Aurangzeb, prince Muazzam, Azam & Kam Bakhsh fought in
1707-1712 which Mauzzam emerged victorious & assumed the title of Bahadur Shah I. Banda
  Bahadur who killed Wazir khanwas defeated by him. Was referred to as ‘Shah-i-
Jahandar Shah Later after Bahadur Shah’s death, his son Jahandar Shah came to power after killing
1712-13 his other brothers with the help of Zulfikar Khan. He made peace with the Jats,
  Shahuji & honoured rajput kings.
Farrukh Siyar Nephew  of  Jahandar  Shah,  Farrukh  Siyar  killed  him  with  the  help  of  Sayyid
1713-19 brothers – Abdulla Khan (Wazir) & Hussain Ali Khan (Mir Bakshi). Farrukh Siyar
  tried to check the powers of Sayyid brothers but the latter got him killed & crowned
  two princes Raffi-ud-Darajat, Raffi-ud-Daula in quick succession. Later they made
  Muhammad Shah (Grandson of Bahadur Shah I) as the king. After his accession the
  Sayyid brothers fell victim to the intrigue of Turani Amirs.
Muhammad During his tenure most the independent kingdoms were established: Nizam-ul-Mulk
Shah Rangila (Deccan),  Saadat  Khan  (Awadh)  &  Murshid  Quli  Khan  (Bengal).  Iranian  King
1719-48 Nadir Shah invaded in 1739 on invitation of Saadat Khan (Awadh). The latter was
  imprisoned by Nadir Shah for not able to pay the promised ransom. Nadir Shah
  took the peacock throne & the Kohinoor diamond with him.
Ahmad Shah Son of Muhammad Shah. During his reign Ahmad Shah Abdali (claimed himself
1748-54 ruler  of  Kandhar  after  the  assassination  of  Nadir  Shah  by  Persian  in  1747)
  repeatedly attacked. Later Ahmad Shah was killed & deposed by his own Wazir
Alamgir II Actual name Aziz-ud-din. Frequency of Abdali attacks increased. [1754-59]
Shah Alam II 1759-1806
Akbar Shah II 1806-1837
Bahadur Shah II 1837-57
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