Important Treaties

Treaty of Pondicherry     After the II Carinatic war. Muhammad Ali, son of late Anwar-ud-din was  
      accepted as the Nawab of Carinatic.  
Treaty of Mangalore     Signed between Tipu & British in 1784. Under this Tipu withdrew his army  
1784     from Carinatic & English withdrew theirs from the Carinatic.
Treaty of Seringapattam     After III Anglo Mysore war. Tipu had to pay heavy war indemnity & send as  
1792     hostages his two sons to the English. Half of his territory was ceded. He paid
      the war indemnity & his two sons were released.  
Treaty of Amritsar 1809   Signed between British & Ranjit Singh in which the latter recognized their  
      rights in the Cis-Sutlej areas.  
Treaty of Sagauli     After Anglo Nepalese war. The Gurkhas gave up their claim over the Tarai  
      region& ceded claim over the areas of Kumaon & Garhwal to the British.  
Treaty of Lahore     After the first Anglo Sikh war. The territories lying to the south of river  
      Sutlej  were given to the company.
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