On 26 January 2013, the Uttarakhand government had launched a portal for online registration of people’s complaints and their quick redressal. Launching the portal called “Samadhan” (solution), the thenUttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna described it as a step towards transparency. The CM assured the people that he will personally monitor the the functioning of the Uttarakhand portal for Redressal aimed at toning up government’s service delivery system. It  shows how the Uttarakhand Government has made it easy for the people to get various Certificates (like the Domicile, permanent Residence etc.)


People can register their complaints online through this project.Anyone across Uttarakhand could now register his or her complaint on In any time which would be redressed normally within 90 days. To ensure the smooth and quick redressal of people’s complaints, the Chief Secretary, secretaries, department heads and commissioners have been provided user IDs and login passwords to access the portal which could even protect the privacy of complainants if the need be.

So Complainants could keep their identity secret. The complaint could be registered at three levels, Principal Secretary/Secretary, Director/ Departmental Head/ Commissioner and District Magistrate. All of them would be provided with user Ids and login passwords through which they could access the grievances registered in their levels and take appropriate measures to resolve them. The grievances had to be resolved in stipulated time frame.

At the DM level, the complaints had to be resolved within 30 days. In case it is not done then complaints would be automatically transferred to the commissioner level. The commissioners have to address the problema in 15 days, and if not done, the complaint would be transferred to the Principal Secretary. He has to resolve the complaint in 45 days. In case it is not resolved, then the matter would be automatically transferred to the Chief Secretary. If the complaint is still not related to the level where it is registered, then it would be transferred to the respective level within 5 days of the registration of complaint.


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