dmpq-Post covid world presents ample opportunities to become a tech leader in the world.”

Every time a technology giant chooses an India-born techie as its leader, there is a justifiable swelling of pride in the country, but also some disappointment. Despite having so many celebrated technologists around the world, India is still not a major player in technology.

This failure can be attributed to lower public spending, high imports and brain drain. India’s excellent bilateral relations with global tech leaders like the US and Japan can be leveraged for India’s technology revolution. Besides, More public spending in R&D and in tertiary education is required to make India one of the leading countries in terms of technology.

India and The Tech World

  • India’s Initial Efforts for Tech Revolution: India’s efforts for planning and industrialisation in the early 1950s was possibly the most ambitious of such initiatives in the developing world. €
  • Public sector funding of the latest technologies of the time including space and atomic research and the establishment of institutions such as the IITs were among the hallmarks of that effort. €
  • In terms of growth in IT and pharmaceutical industries, the development has been the fastest in Bengaluru and Hyderabad.
  • Achievements in STEM Education: India possesses favourable supply and demand factors that can propel it into the frontlines of technology. The number of persons enrolled for tertiary education in India (35.2 million in 2019) is way ahead of the corresponding numbers in all other countries except China. €
  • As per UNESCO, graduates from STEM programmes (as a proportion of all graduates) was 32.2% for India in 2019, one of the highest among all countries.


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