DMPQ-Discuss India’s Challenges towards the transformation from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

A recent ‘Council for Energy, Environment and Water’ (CEEW) report has highlighted the challenges to India’s transformation from a fossil-fuel-dependent economy to one based on renewable energy.

There is the major constraint of finance. The transformation will involve massive high-cost, high-risk, long-gestation investments.

There is little fiscal space for large public investment in renewables, while private investment in renewables at scale is just starting.The willingness of developed countries to make available adequate low-cost finance and required technologies remains uncertain.

India has negotiated hard to tie up access to such financing and technologies. The results are still awaited. Another major constraint is access to land. Creating renewable power generation capacity for a net-zero economy could require between 4% to 6% of India’s land mass. Tapering off of fossil-fuel- based power generation and closure of coal mines will be resisted by the owners as well as workers employed at these establishments.

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