DMPQ:What is artificial intelligence? List down its application.

Artificial intelligence is a way of programming a computer, robot to perform human like task such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and translation between language.


Artificial intelligence has wide application cutting across all sectors:

  • In agriculture artificial intelligence is used for precision farming. This will increase the productivity and lower the input cost. It also provide real time advisory.
  • Health – Can be used for diagnosis , test and minor operation. It will help to achieve more efficiency in health sector.
  • In education also customised learning, interactive and intelligent tutoring can be achieved. Eg Pearsons ‘ write to learn’
  • Urban planning: In traffic management artificial intelligence can be used . In kerala engineers have designed a robot to clean potholes. It will also help to fight social evil manual scavenging.
  • In manufacturing sector it will help to develop good manufacturing practices. It will help to bring smoothness in supply chain. It will help to manage work floor in better way.
  • In energy sector also it will help to develop energy infrastructure. In defence also it will help to man difficult areas and terrain. It will help to bring efficiency in cyber defence.
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