Explain the nature of DPSP? What are the difficulties to implement the DPSP? 

DPSP are enumerated in part IV of the constitution under article 36 -51. Objective of DPSP is to create welfare state where social and economic democracy is achieved through legitimate ways. They are non-enforceable in nature i.e. one cannot go to court for their non implementation.

Since independence government through statute or constitutional amendments have tried to provide enforceability to DPSCP. For eg. Right to education was incorporated as part of fundamental rights in article 21A. MNREGA was brought to give statutory backing to right to work, organisation of village panchayats via 73rd amendment.  But there are difficulties to implement the DPSP due to:

Lack of financial resources: India is a country with inadequate financial resources so at one go government cannot implement DPSP.  Like article 47 implementation requires the state to raise standard of living and to improve public health. But to achieve this we need finance  al resources.

Lack of consensus: Uniform civil code implementation require the consensus of each and every section of the society. But since independence we have not been able to build consensus.

Unfavourable socio- economic conditions, population explosion, strained centre -state relations and illiteracy among population are also the reason for poor implementation of DPSP.


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