DMPQ: What are the different types of majority present in the Indian Constitution?

In a parliamentary system all the important decision are taken by the majority decision. Be it passing a bill, moving a resolution, declaring emergency etc. Hence there are different types of majority present in Indian constitution which are required for reaching at a decision.


Simple MajorityThe simple majority is also called as “working majority’. This implies that the majority of more than fifty percent of the members of the legislature present and voting excluding the member abstaining.


Eg 1) Normal bills

2) estb of new state

3) abolition or creation of legislative council

4) No confidence, confidence, adjournment motions

5) Removal of Vice president



Absolute MajorityMajority of more than 50% of the total strength of the house. It is not used anywhere in the constitution as a standalone requirement. If a political party has an Absolute Majority, it means it gets to form the government.
Effective MajorityTotal strength of the house- the no. of vacancies.

Removal of VP

Removal of Deputy chairman of Council of states

Removal of speaker and Lok sabha speaker


Special Majority Three types

1)   Under Article 249 and 312

2)   Under Art 368

3)   Under article 61



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