DMPQ: Discuss the Challenges faced by the ECI? List down the reforms brought out by ECI for conducting free and fair elections.

ECI is entrusted with the responsibility of conducting free and fair elections. If democracy is a temple then EC is priest.  But conducting elections for such diverse country and frequent elections is not without challenges. The major challenges with the ECI are as follows:


Constitutional loopholes:

  • The constitution has not prescribed the qualification of the members of the ECI.
  • The © has not specified the term of the members of the EC.
  • The © has not debarred the retiring election commissioners from any further appointment by the government.


  • Lack of dedicated permanent staff.
  • Expenses are not charged on consolidated fund of India.
  • Problem faced due to vast territory of India. Sometimes it become difficult to carry out elections in difficult terrain.


  • Some voters have trust deficit due to frequent use of money and muscle power. There is creditability issues with respect to expenditure during elections.
  • Recent allegation of fraud in EVM’s


The reforms bring in by ECI So far:

  • SVEEP( explain)
  • NOTA
  • Reforms in Nomination filling
  • EVM
  • National electoral roll purification and Authentication programme: building a completely error-free and authenticated electoral roll.
  • National voters service portal : to provide singlewindow services to electors.
  • Mobile apps: Matdatta, matdaan, Samadhaan, Sugam,Suvidha, E-netra


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