DMPQ- Briefly discuss the sessions of a state assembly.


The governor from time to time summons each House of state legislature to meet. The maximum gap between the two sessions of state legislature cannot be more than six months, ie, the state legislature should meet at least twice a year. A session of the state legislature consists of many sittings.


An adjournment suspends the work in a sitting for a specified time which may be hours, days or weeks. Adjournment sine die means terminating a sitting of the state legislature for an indefinte period. The power of the adjournment as well as adjournment sine die lies with the presiding officer of the House.


The presiding officer (Speaker or Chairman) declares the House adjourned sine die, when the business of the session is completed. Within the next few days, the governor issues a notification for prorogation of the session. However, the governor can also prorogue the House which is in session. Unlike an adjournment, a prorogation terminates a session of the House.


The legislative council, being a permanent house, is not subject to dissolution. Only the le-gislative assembly is subject to dissolution. Un-like a prorogation, a dissolution ends the very life of the existing House, and a new House is constituted after the general elections are held.

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