DMPQ: Write down in 20 words about following terms ( RAS) a) The institute of the Christian religion b) Anglicanism c) Inquisition

What is “ the institute of the Christian Religion”? ( 2marker)

Ans:                The institute of the Religion was Published in 1536 by John Calvin. It is unquestionably one of the most important books on systematic theology ever written. In this book he rejected the doctrine of Sacraments and aimed at the establishment of a religion with simplicity.

What is Anglicanism? (2 marker)

Ans:    Reformation in England was carried out by the King himself, Henry VIII. He by passing the Act of supremacy in 1534, became the head of the English church.  He retained the church practices and doctrines. This newly constituted church was named as the Anglican Church and the broke away religion as Anglicanism.

What was inquisition?

Ans :          The inquisition was a tribunal of the Roman Catholic Church to try the cases of heresy. Its trials were held in secret under great torture and punishments were so cruel that these included fines, flogging, imprisonment and death by burning. Thus, through ferocious means, it tried to bring glory to the church.

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