DMPQ: What were the most significant changes and outcomes of the world War II?

World War II brought significant changes and it had huge repercussions on Humanity. It shifted the axis of power and created two polarity in the world. The Impact of the world war II are discussed here under:

  • Destruction
  • More than 40 million people were killed of which half were Russians.
  • The German Industrial towns and cities were devastated.
  • Holocaust
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedy
  • Nuclearization and Race for possession of WMD.
  • Beginning of cold war; The Trumans goal to use the atomic bomb in order to soviet aggression failed.

Ideological war started; both countries tried to project their ideology as better.

  • Division of Germany
  • Germany was divided into occupation zones .
  • Berlin which was within the soviet occupation zone- was divided among allies
  • Balance of Power
  • Towards USA(capitalism) and USSR(communism)
  • A bipolar world
  • Declining power of Britain and other European powers
  • Creation of the United Nations and introduction of worldwide collective security.
  • Emergence of Third world concept( Non-aligned to the any of the two world powers)
  • Decolonization : Declining power of british; Growing demand of freedom for independence in the colonies; Rising debt on colonial powers made it impossible to continue with the colonial administration; Defeat of European powers at the hand of japan destroyed the myth of invincibility of European powers.



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