DMPQ: What do you understand by the term Renaissance? How it changed the course of the History?

The term Renaissance means rebirth. The period of Renaissance began from 14th century and lasted till 17th century. It began first in Italy because Trade had brought maximum prosperity to the Italian cities. It began as a movement to revisit the old scriptures and learn about ancient Greece and Rome. But soon it turned into a movement of new ideas in art, religion, literature, philosophy, science and politics.

Renaissance is defined as crucial period in world history which eventually led to European supremacy over the world. The major changes occurred due to renaissance are:

  • Humanism was at the core of the Renaissance. Now there was more focus on Humanity rather than divinity. Renaissance came to imply new thinking, which was humanistic and rational, rather than superstitious. The potential of man, his dignity and his rights were stressed. Sculptors, painters and writers became interested in humanity and the discovery. Artist like DA vinci, Michealangelo and Raphel were prominent artist of the Renaissance movement. Humanism defied fatalism. One can change one’s life is still an important part of one’s value system.
  • Ascendance of local European languages in literature. Linguistic development and thus arising the feeling of national consciousness. In the Prince Machiavelli gave a new concept of state which was superior to Religion.
  • Scientific revolution was also a product of the transformation an it began towards the end of the Renaissance era and continued till late 18th Various scientific discoveries changed the outlook created by church theories.

Heliocentric theory given by Copernicus. Kepler from Germany explained that how earth revolve around the sun.


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