DMPQ: Discuss the evolution of modern education in India.

Modern education main constituent is imbibing scientific enquiry into the subject. Reasoning and observation are important pillars of modern education. Even though, EIC came in 1600 they didn’t take any firm effort in introducing modern education until the enacting of Charter act of 1813. Major evolutionary phase of modern education are discussed here under:

  • In 1813 the EIC earmarked the sum rupees of lakh to be spent annually over the education of the Indians.
  • In 1835 the British government accepted the Angilicists view to spend the whole amount over the teaching of western sciences and literature through the medium of English.
  • In 1854, the govt. accepted the recommendation of woods dispatch. Local language were made the medium of instruction at the school level and English at the college level. Universities were also established at Calcutta, Mumbai and Chennai.
  • On the advise of Hunter commission the govt. agreed to transfer the primary education to the local bodies.
  • Agencies of education: Christian missionaries, Various reformers and their movements, The Indian Educational establishments, Vidyapeeth and Jamia Millia Islamia


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