DMPQ-Write an essay on Currents of Atlantic Ocean.

To the north and south of the equator, there are two westward-moving currents, i.e., the North and the South Equatorial Currents. Between these two, there is the counter equatorial current which moves from west to east.

The South Equatorial Current bifurcates into two branches near the Cape De Sao Roque in Brazil and its northern branch joins the North Equatorial Current. A part of this combined current enters the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, while the remaining current passes along the eastern side of the West Indies as the Antilles Current.

The part of the current which enters the Gulf of Mexico comes out from the Florida Strait and joins the Antilles current. This combined current moves along the south-eastern coast of the U.S.A and is known as the Florida Current up to Cape Hatteras. Beyond Cape Hatteras, it is known as the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream starts when it exits the Florida Strait and follows North America northward to Newfoundland.

A cold current from the Arctic Ocean called Labrador Current, which flows along the eastern coast of Canada, meets the warm Gulf Stream near the northeast corner of the U.S.A. The confluence of these two currents, one cold and the other warm, produce fog around the region and makes it the most important fishing ground in the world. The Gulf Stream then deflected eastward under the combined influence of the westerlies and the rotation of the earth.

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