DMPQ: Sagarmala is an ambitious project. What is sagarmala? What are the challenges in implementation? Discuss the prospect of the project.

Sagarmala is a series of projects to leverage the country’s coastline and inland waterways to drive port led development. It is a mammoth project with a total outlay of 8 lakh crore spread across four broad areas.

  • Modernisation of port infrastructure
  • Improve port connectivity
  • Development of coastal community
  • Create coastal economic zones



  1. It is an ambitious project and require huge funding.(source of funding)
  2. The competitive advantage of ports in Colombo, Dubai, Singapore and the commercial viability of Indian ports.
  3. Threat to marine ecosystem. Trenching of coastal area. Disposal of sediment will be an issue.
  4. Opposition by coastal communities, rehabilitation issue.

The potential of sagarmala is huge. Prospect of sagarmala are as follows:

  • Opening up of new industry. India can utilise its undiscovered potential of transhipment hub.
  • Strategically it will help to counter China’s MSR.
  • Creation of employment opportunities.
  • Trade facilitation ,reducing burden on rail and road transportation.
  • Increased port revenue and development of coastal economic zone.



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