DMPQ: Discuss the features of the Monsoon type of climate.

Climate is the average weather conditions of large area. According to the koeppen system of classification , the world is divided into five climatic groups and 13 climatic types based on the temperature, precipitation and vegetation.

The notable characteristics of Monsoon type of climate are as follows:

  1. The climate is divided into distinct 4 seasons.
  1. The cold weather season (December to February):
  2. The hot weather season – (March to May):
  3. The advancing southwest monsoon season – (June to September):
  1. The retreating southwest monsoons season – (October and November)


Vegetation of the Monsoon climate:

  • vegetation ranges from forests to thickets, and from savanna to scrubland.
  • Trees in this climatic zone are deciduous.
  • Notable species are Sal, Neem, Tendu and Bamboo

Diversity in Monsoon climate:

  • Diversity in Temperature: W.Rajasthan above 50 degree celcius. Leh below 40 degree Celsius. Within Thar desert- day tempe
  • rature 50C, while night temperature 15C.
  • Diversity in Precipitation: The amount of rainfall in Meghalaya in a single day = 10 years of rainfall at Jaisalmer.
  • Diversity in Vegetation: Shrubs in Northern Australia to Mangroves in SriLanka, to Pines in Himalayas.

Indeed, among all the climate regions of the world, the Monsoon climate is unique for its temperature, precipitation and the resultant seasons, which in turn have profound impact on the vegetation of the associated countries and the lifestyle and economic habits of its inhabitants.


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