DMPQ: What was the purpose of PDS? Evaluate its functioning. ( schemes evaluation)

PDS was establish to procure gain and other cereals from farmers and distribute it through a subsidised scheme to those most vulnerable to hunger. It was started in the late 1960s and was subsequently expanded to rural districts.


The scheme in principal can be faulted but in practice the result have been abysmal.

According to some estimates, nation wide statistics show that 67 percent of PDS wheat doesn’t reach the poorest of the poor for whom it was intended.

In state where poverty was highest 60% do not get the require quota. 2/3rd of all subsidised grains get diverted to the open market for sale. Out of stock responses are high as 80% and almost 50% of those entitled to this need to pay bribes to get a ration card. Harassmet at the grass root level to get the right full due. Diversion of stock to the open market. Poor quality stock is made available to the masses. The other problem with the PDS is the bad management of the grains stored.  The FCI can store about 70 million tons of grains. Of this, 25 million rots because of badly built granaries, poor storage and worse handling, bureaucratic ineptitude, bad management, lack of funds and corruption.


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