DMPQ: What is Trade parity Price? and What is e-way bill? and What is OPEC? Explain the cleansing action of Soap?

  1. What is Trade parity Price?( 2marker/economy/GSI)


Ans:  Trade parity price is the weighted average of import parity price and export parity price. IPP is the actual price importers would pay in case of actual import and EPP is the price oil companies would realise on export.


  1. What is OPEC? ( RAS – 2 marker/ International relation/GSIII)


Ans:  OPEC, cartel of oil exporting nations had four major west Asian Producers Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Kuwait, Venezuela as its founding members.

Currently there are 14 members –  UAE, Qatar, Nigeria, Libya, Gabon, Ecuador, Angola, Algeria and the latest entrant Guinea. OPEC aims to coordinate and unify the petroleum policies of its member countries to stabilise oil markets.




  1. What is e-way bill?( 2 marker/GS1/economy)


Ans: The e way bill can be electronically generated either by the supplier or recipient of the consignment, before the movement of goods. The transporter needs to carry an electronically generated way bill or a permit with every consignment having value exceeding 50,000.


  1. Explain the cleansing action of Soap?( General Science)

Ans:  Soaps are cleansing agents capable of reacting with water and dislodging the unwanted particles from clothes or skin.   The molecules of soap are sodium or potassium salts of long chain carboxylic acids.  A soap molecule has a tadpole-shaped structure.

At one end (long non-polar end) of the soap molecule is a hydrocarbon chain which is insoluble in water but soluble in oil.     At the other end (short polar end) of soap molecule, there is a carboxylate ion which is hydrophilic i.e. water soluble but insoluble in oil.

Soap on mixing with water forms a concentrated solution and causes foaming The long non-polar end of soap gravitates towards and surrounds the dirt and absorbs the dust in it. The short polar end with the carboxylate ion repels the water away from the dirt. A spherical aggregate of soap molecules is formed in the soap solution in water and is called a micelle  Thus, the soap molecule dissolves the dirt and our clothes get clean.

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