dmpq-Discuss the problems faced by medical education sector in India.

. Medical education in India faces many issues, some of which are as follows:

Inter-state and intra-state inequality in the distribution of manpower and resources

There is a huge disparity in availability of opportunities for students across states. 2010 report by MHRD had stated that four states – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu – account for 1.3 lakh out of 2.4 lakh medical seats across India. There is also a glaring rural-urban disparity in both availabilities of health care and colleges.

Low doctor-population ratio 

One of the reasons for this low ratio is that only low number of medical graduates are passing out each year. Reasons include: As MBBS students are unable to find jobs, they are forced to specialize in a particular field leading to a Super-Specialty craze. Brain drain to developed countries is also one of the reasons for unavailability of doctors in India.

Deficiencies in the quality of medical education

There is no uniformity in selection students to medical colleges. A common entrance test at all India level is required to ensure this uniformity. Breakthroughs are frequent in the medical field, but syllabus is not updated adequately reflecting these new trends in the medical field. Lack of skilled teachers has afflicted all the educational paradigms of India. In the medical field, this issue is more critical. Here teachers are selected based on academic knowledge rather than clinical experience and adequate training is not imparted to them. Inadequate salary to teachers is also the main problem that makes this profession unattractive.

Lack of social accountability

The medical profession is unique as it requires an amount of social responsibility and societal empathy. Newly graduated doctors are unaware or indifferent to their social responsibility. Colleges play a major role in infusing the young students with an empathetic attitude towards society. But instead, they are encouraging rot learning without the consideration of humanitarian dimension. Hippocratic oath is largely morphing into hypocrisy.


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