dmpq-Discuss how Indian women have a huge role in the management of Agriculture and Climate change.

When a woman is empowered, the whole family, society, and the country are empowered to advance forward towards development.

Women are the primary managers of household work, energy, food and essential services. They contribute substantially to managing climate change and agriculture. They play a vital role because agriculture and climate change management basically start at the individual level at home. It is a fact that rural women guarantee an increase in food production.

The science of farming was initiated by women. Women are biologically active to bend and collect the tea leaves in the northeastern regions. Men are not physically strong enough to do this activity. Women are more hardworking than men and can work for longer hours. Women are responsible to carry out the ancillary and tertiary works in horticulture, fishery, sericulture, poultry farming etc.

Women are the managers of kitchen and hence using pollution-free chullas which help in pollution free atmosphere. Women are not just considered as beneficiaries of smart climate actions but as entrepreneurs of clean energy technologies, as organic food producers-farmers and as local planners.

At COP22, Parties to the Convention discussed to adopt a comprehensive work programme on gender to integrate gender perspectives in climate policies and actions and to ensure women’s participation at all levels.


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