Ethics Case Study- 15

Case Study 15:  Anshuman is a brilliant Science Teacher in a private English medium school in Lucknow and gets yearly package of Rs.4 lakhs. Another school at Ghaziabad offers him package of Rs.4.5 lakhs. Anshuman makes a verbal commitment to the Ghaziabad school principle, “Sure,I’ll join your school from next month.“ But when Anshuman submits … Read more Ethics Case Study- 15

Ethics Case Study- 14

Case Study 14: Atul runs a security devices shop that converts into a trustworthy company for all security solution like security cameras, CCTVs and other security devices. DCP Akshay learns that every time after a theft or robbery takes place, Police Inspector Arun advices the victim and bystanders to install security devices from Atul’s company … Read more Ethics Case Study- 14

Ethics Case Study- 13

Case Study 13:  Harsh, the bank employee approaches Bank Manager Mr. Roy and told that his child is suffering from Heart disease. He doesn’t have health insurance policy and salary is insufficient to meet medical expenses. But over the years, he is been collecting autographed T-shirts of various bollywood actors and actresses. So, he want … Read more Ethics Case Study- 13

Ethics Case Study- 12

Case Study 12: Fiscal deficit of country is increasing day by day and to curtail this, Finance Minister decides to merge several ministries and reduce personnel in the central services by 20% so that government spending should be checked. But opposition party is hardly raising any objection as they are occupied with onion price rise … Read more Ethics Case Study- 12

Ethics Case Study- 11

Case Study 11:  Aniket is working as a peon in DM’s office. Task of raising flag over the office building every morning and taking it down every evening was done by Aniket due to shortage of staff, although it is not part of his official job description. Years ago, Aniket’s best friend was murdered during … Read more Ethics Case Study- 11

Ethics Case Study 10

Case Study 10:- You have interview in UPSC house and have to reach their in 1 hour. You took Metro. Metro is very congested but luckily you are seated. From your seat you observe that a middle aged man standing next to a girl is touching and trying to molest her. The girl is silently … Read more Ethics Case Study 10

Ethics Case Study 9

Case Study 9:- You are under training after clearing UPSC exam and came back to Old Rajinder Nagar to visit your friends. Your car is stranded in traffic near Jhandewalan. A poor girl looking very frail approaches you and start begging for money. Out of compassion, you take out your wallet to search for a … Read more Ethics Case Study 9

Ethics Case Study 8

Case Study 8: Amitesh and Princy recently married and lucky enough to join same software company as engineers, under a same team leader, but they have signed a contract with the company. The team leader has started flirting with Amitesh’s wife and also started giving trouble to Amitesh in terms of putting him under lot … Read more Ethics Case Study 8

Ethics Case Study 7

Case Study 7:- You are an Indian diplomat send to Pakistan to negotiate on Kashmir issue.The diplomat you work with Mr. Ahmad is a senior diplomat and in a decision taking position and his soft side makes him agree to some Indian demands which otherwise might not go through that easily. The pact is to … Read more Ethics Case Study 7

Ethics Case Study 6

Case Study 6:- You have completed IAS probationary training and come to visit your 89 year old grandmother who stays in a remote backward village. At home, grandmother, whom you love most is ecstatic and has made all the arrangements to make you feel comfortable. You were received with lot of fanfare in village and … Read more Ethics Case Study 6

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